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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Cemetery opening hours?2024-04-13T15:41:12+10:00

Bellbrae is an open rural cemetery so there are no prescribed hours.  Families and friends are free to visit at times that suit them.

We do ask that all visitors respect the needs of mourners when a funeral is underway.  Also we are situated in a community neighbourhood so awareness of our neighbour’s privacy is appreciated.

Ours is a volunteer Cemetery Trust and our team is contactable Monday to Friday between 10am and 3pm.  Site visits are strictly by appointment. Funeral times are flexible but must be booked by prior arrangement.

What facilities are at the cemetery?2024-04-13T15:44:39+10:00

Bellbrae is a rural cemetery and does not have onsite staff or office.

Parking is available in Cemetery Road or the adjacent reserve.  This is where the public toilets are also located. There is provision for disabled parking. We have access to water but no power.  There is also a small shelter area.  The site has a gentle slope but well formed paths and access.

Can I take my dog to the Cemetery?2024-04-13T15:41:41+10:00

For many people pets are very much part of their family (and they may being grieving too!), so all we ask is that you ensure you pet is kept under control and on a leash (if necessary or requested by another visitor).  What is play to you, can be of concern to others.   Of course we would expect you would attend to any pet droppings in the appropriate way.

Can I camp, play sport, or games like Pokémon Go in the Cemetery? 2024-04-13T15:48:17+10:00

The Bellbrae Cemetery Trust acknowledges that cemeteries are public spaces and encourages the community to visit the cemetery.

We understand the community interest in genealogy, history and culture, but ask that visitors treat our cemetery with respect and consider other visitor’s privacy. This includes people visiting to use new technology, such as Pokémon Go, however we encourage people who play this game to act safely and to be aware of their surroundings and be respectful near funerals, our team and other visitors attending graves.

How do I find a family member’s grave or memorial in the Cemetery?2024-04-13T15:42:01+10:00

There are several options – firstly, we suggest you ask other family members.  We also display a site map and a names list in our shelter area. The map and names list are updated annually.

Site presales are not shown to comply with Privacy legislation.

Or if you are planning a visit in advance you are welcome to send us an online inquiry.

Can I donate to the Cemetery?2024-05-11T15:04:33+10:00

Donations or bequests are always welcome and greatly appreciated. The Cemetery is self-funding and relies on the sale of memorial sites and interest earned to generate its income. Please refer Bequests and Donations Fact Sheet for further details.

What burial options are offered at Bellbrae?2024-04-13T15:42:19+10:00

Bellbrae Cemetery was established in 1864 primarily with monumental graves.  Over time, and to meet community requirements, as well as complement our beautiful rural setting we have expanded the options.

Families have a choice of traditional memorial sites, lawn memorials sites and headstone memorials.  In addition cremated remains can be placed in memorial or native gardens.

Rock and Bench seats can also be dedicated in memory of loved ones.  This option does not include interment rights but a plaque may be installed.

How do I organise a burial at Bellbrae?2024-04-13T15:42:30+10:00

You are welcome to contact the Trust to discuss your requirements and the options available at Bellbrae.  This is often done in conjunction with your chosen funeral director.

Burials and funerals are subject to specific legislation and requirements, so at this stressful time it’s always advisable to ensure you have the right and current information.

Timing is also very important to ensure that your chosen plot (for burials) is prepared in time for the graveside commitment.

Can I pre-purchase a grave or memorial site?2024-05-15T13:43:51+10:00

Yes – pre-purchase offers the advantage of securing a plot at current prices, as well as ensuring your last wishes are fulfilled.

If at any stage you decide to sell back or change the ownership of the site, please contact the Trust for details of how this is managed.

Bellbrae does not offer payment terms however will endeavour to work with families to meet their needs.  Allotments must be paid in full within 48 hours and prior to a burial, by direct deposit – sorry no cash.

N.B. Burial services e.g. grave digging, monument approvals, etc cannot be pre-paid.

Please contact our Trust Administrator for further details via our Contact Page.

Can I inter ashes into an earth burial allotment2024-04-13T15:42:47+10:00

Yes, ashes can be placed into an earth burial allotment, although we do have specific cremation memorials and gardens available.  Please contact the Trust to discuss your requirements and the site options, to complete the required documentation and to pay the applicable fee.

Why is it important I memorialise my departed loved one? 2024-04-13T15:46:32+10:00

Many people find comfort in having a special place to visit after the passing of a family member or loved one, even if the cremated remains have been scattered elsewhere.

A memorial is a symbolic place shared with family, friends and future generations.

Bellbrae Cemetery offers a range of tranquil memorial options for loved ones, in its beautiful rural setting.

Please contact us at: bellbraect@gmail.com to make an appointment to discuss your memorialisation options.

Can Memorials be for someone whose cremated remains have been scattered elsewhere?2024-04-13T15:43:11+10:00

Yes they can, memorials create a place of remembrance and reflection but it not necessary for the cremated remains to be placed within the memorial.

Bellbrae offers a number of memorial options within our Cemetery.  We currently have established memorial gardens as well as the option of ashes being interred in a standard grave.   We are currently exploring further options so please contact us if you wish to discuss.

I don’t know about selecting a memorial. Where do I start?2024-05-11T15:07:00+10:00

It is always best to start by contacting our Trust Administrator, who will check the records and advise you on permissible memorials for the chosen gravesite.

It is very important to seek approval prior to commencing this process as there are laws, regulations and external standards that must be complied with. For example – wood, bricks and masonry blocks are not permitted.

Your next step is to select a Monumental Mason who can manufacture and install a monument on your behalf subject to the Trust’s approval.

Please refer to our Guide for selecting a Site and Installing a Plaque at Bellbrae Cemetery.

Who may place a memorial on a burial site?2024-04-13T15:48:53+10:00

The “Holder(s) of The Right of Interment” to the burial site (or if that person(s) is the deceased), their executor, administrator or authorised person) is/are the only person(s) who have the authority to place a memorial on a burial or cremation memorial site.

Where a person who is not the Holder(s) of the Right and has no proof that they are acting on behalf of the Holder(s) of the Right or the original Holder(s) cannot be contacted (i.e. they are overseas or they are deceased), the Trust may be willing to accept a Statutory Declaration from the applicant, in addition to the completed application form.

Please check with the Trust first as prior approval for all memorial construction is required along with applicable fees.

Can I plant flowers or my loved one’s favourite rose?2024-04-13T15:43:39+10:00

Private planting is not permitted at the cemetery for a number of reasons. The Trust is charged with the maintenance and care of the cemetery, so to protect the environment as well as support the maintenance aspects involved, private planting is not allowed.

We have had many historical examples were well-intended plants have been installed and then they have seeded and spread, thereby causing invasive damage to graves and the surrounds. As an option,  if you wish to sponsor a planting in the cemetery please contact the Trust to discuss.

Why can’t I use my own vase?2024-04-13T15:43:48+10:00

Placing Flowers, ornaments and tributes on graves and memorials is a respected tradition.

Like most cemeteries, Bellbrae has a Memorialisation Policy that helps us ensure our cemetery is well maintained and safe for all visitors.

This Policy does not allow the placement of glass or ceramics on or adjacent to memorials. They create a safety risk and will be respectfully removed.

The cemetery provides flower containers and some graves have stone vases included.

Can or should I insure my loved one’s memorial?2024-04-13T15:47:44+10:00

The State Government’s VMIA insurance covers all Victorian Cemeteries for damage to memorials caused by malicious acts (vandalism).

For further information, please contact the Cemeteries Unit at the Department of Health and Human Services.

The memento I left has disappeared!2024-04-13T15:44:05+10:00

As an open cemetery there will be times when this unfortunately happens.  Often the weather plays a part in items being damaged or lost.  Sadly, but less frequently unwanted visitors do damage.

We have a Memorialisation Policy that helps guide us in regard to what is acceptable as part of a family’s tribute.  We ask all visitors to respect this approach and work with us to ensure a high standard of care is maintained and safety issues are addressed.  Expired floral tributes are cleared on a regular basis by Trust Members.

How do I report a problem or give feedback e.g. vandalism2024-04-13T15:45:37+10:00

If you notice something at the cemetery that concerns you or you have a suggestion, please contact the Trust or send a message via this site.  If at all possible, take a photo for reference.

I noticed a few neglected graves?  Who looks after the graves?2024-04-13T15:45:23+10:00

Sadly, over time some graves do start to look neglected and this can be for a variety of reasons.  The Bellbrae Cemetery Trust has responsibility for the overall care and maintenance of the site.  It works with families, who are responsible for the care of individual sites, to ensure this peaceful and tranquil place is well looked after.  We have contractors who handle the ongoing maintenance.   The Trust also has a Care Program that has an ongoing focus on the condition of individual graves.  Bellbrae has a strong commitment to respecting the history and heritage of our pioneers and early settlers.

My property shares a boundary with the Bellbrae Cemetery.  Will The Crown/Cemetery Trust contribute to the cost of fencing? 2024-04-13T15:49:50+10:00

No, where the Cemetery Trust is the direct manager of the adjoining Crown land it will not contribute to the cost of fencing.  Cemetery Trust’s as managers of Crown land are excluded from the provisions of the Fences Act 1968 that requires property owners to share the cost of erection and maintenance of a common boundary fence. 

Any fencing constructed must be of sufficient standard for the intended use of the private land, for example, a stock proof fence would be required to retain any livestock within the private property boundary.


How do I locate or contact other Cemeteries in Victoria?2024-04-13T15:50:55+10:00

The Cemeteries Unit at the Department of Health and Human Services has a search tool to locate contact details of all Victorian Cemetery Trusts at: Cemetery search (health.vic.gov.au)



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