Selecting a gravesite is an important part of the planning and grieving process, so we encourage individuals and families to be aware of the individual’s wishes as well as the requirements of the Cemetery Trust. Our cemetery offers a variety of settings and gravesite options as peaceful resting places for you or your loved one.

It is important to note that there are established areas in the cemetery that will determine what type of monument you can install.

We highly recommend a visit to the cemetery and walk around the grounds, observing what you might like about the different grave types, headstones and monuments. In addition to burial of ashes, there are three main gravesite options, which are explained below.

As you explore the cemetery or scan the map in our shelter, you may notice reference to historical religious precincts as well as section markers e.g. Baptist – Lawn A. These “religious” precincts were put in place when the cemetery was first established in the mid 1800’s. They form part of the cultural heritage that the Trust is charged and mandated with maintaining. Although, in practice the religious aspects are not in active use as it is generally accepted that all plots and garden memorials, regardless of precinct, are non-denominational and are available to, and in use by families of varied faiths.

PLEASE NOTE: All monumental works must be approved by the Trust prior to commencement, to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and Australian Standards. This includes selection and installation of plaques. Bellbrae Cemetery has a No Glass / No Ceramics Policy and no planting of any sort is permitted without prior approval of the Trust.

Please refer ‘Guide for Graves, Ashes Sites & Plaques‘ for permitted use of each site and ‘Schedule of Services & Fees‘ for pricing.


At Bellbrae Cemetery we offer a number of options for the interment of cremated remains / ashes. Callistemon is our premium memorial garden, offering a terraced native garden overlooking the cemetery grounds. The cemetery also offers several other native garden options, as well as more traditional rose gardens.

All our memorial gardens permit one person’s ashes per position. As an alternative, standard gravesites may also be used for burial of ashes and these sites allow for up to a maximum of four ashes. Some gravesites are designated for cremated remains only due to proximity to trees.


Native Gardens

Rose Gardens

Ashes Only Grave Site


There are several burial options located throughout the cemetery. This ranges from traditional full monumental graves to lawn gravesites and headstone only options.



Headstone Only


In some cases, people may choose to be buried, or have their ashes placed elsewhere, but families may be seeking an alternative way to commemorate their loved ones. Many of our Memorial Gardens offer a ‘Plaque Only’ option and we also offer the opportunity of dedicating a Rock or Bench Seat. For further details regarding Rock and Bench seat dedications please refer to our Rock & Bench Seat Fact Sheet.

Bench Seat

Rock Seat