Our Heritage and History

The Trust is responsible for, among many things, maintaining the cultural heritage of the cemetery.  So as you explore the Cemetery grounds, or scan the map in our shelter, you will notice reference to historical religious precincts as well as section identifiers e.g. Baptist – Lawn A.

These “religious” precincts were put in place when the cemetery was first established in the mid 1800’s.  This practice is found in most Australian and many international cemeteries.  The precincts form part of the cultural heritage the Trust is charged and mandated with maintaining.

Cemetery maps have continued to respect to this heritage, although in practice the religious aspects are not in active use as it is generally accepted that all plots and garden memorials, regardless of precinct, are non-denominational.

The area markers are in place to further assist visitors locate family or individual plots.

Therefore, all religious precincts are available to and in use by families of varied faiths.  For example, within the lawn beam areas you will find denominational, non-denominational or multi-denominational burials.